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When to use a functional résumé

A functional résumé highlights your skills and accomplishments rather than when and where you developed them.

Use a functional résumé if you have

  1. held many jobs or worked for many companies;

  2. recently entered the workforce and have little or no track record;

  3. changed careers;

  4. had little or no career growth;

  5. returned to work after an extended absence; or

  6. found yourself considerably closer to retiring from the workforce than entering it.

When to use a chronological résumé

A chronological résumé presents your work history, experience, and accomplishments in date order, beginning with your most recent employer and the most recent role you performed.  It is the most common type of résumé and the one recruiters like most.
Use a chronological résumé if you have
  1. demonstrated career growth within a single profession, industry, or company;

  2. gained very practical experience at each job;

  3. had more than two employers over the last 10 years;

  4. had few job changes; or

  5. avoided an extended work-force absence.

Would you like to write it yourself?

Would you like it if you could write your brochure, website content, e-mail, newsletter, memo, reference letter, press release, or ad copy to say what you mean to say?
Would you love it if your sales letter, media release, or e-mail marketing could compel your audience to read further and take action...the sort of action, that is, you'd like them to take?
We can help here!

Kathleen: You, more than any other single person, have been responsible for the dramatic improvement in my writing.

Jody Johnston Pawel

Or, would you like us to write it for you?

Would you like us to write or edit your brochure, newsletter, or website?  Are they crying out for crisp and current content that speaks to and attracts your market?

Do you need a professional writer or editor who will give you whiz-bang ad copy, a persuasive press release, or a killer sales letter?

Have you landed face-first into (and need a strong hand out of) the mucky world of memos and other internal corporate communications?

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Travel writing: the tales we tell

Here's a look at Mexico's Mazatlan, from a slightly different point of view.


Build a better résumé and
get the job you really want

Build a résumé, write a résumé, do a résumé, or make a résumé: it doesn't matter how you say it. And, it doesn't matter if you are looking for your first job, re-entering the workforce, working toward a promotion, or changing careers...

You need a résumé that gets to
the top of the short-list pile.

Free résumé-writing tips. Free sample résumés.


Yes! You need a killer cover letter

Always include a tailored cover letter with your résumé. Yes, your résumé is a summary of your qualifications, but your cover letter is your sales pitch to the employer. Your letter is effective when it

  1. introduces you properly;

  2. quickly reiterates your qualifications;

  3. highlights how the employer benefits by hiring you;

  4. explains relevant things your résumé cannot;

  5. shows you've researched the company;

  6. demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively in writing; and

  7. convinces the employer to call you for an interview!

How to build your business
without losing your shirt

This sometimes-whacky certificate program (delivered by Kathleen Rake, Teresa Pippus, and their special guests) will help you start and run a successful business.

Should I? Could I?
(The dos and don'ts of business start-up)

Don't Live on Fantasy Island
(Also known as market research)

Yes, Virginia, Bookkeeping is Tons of Fun
(A quick overview of bookkeeping, made easy)

It's All in the Plan, Baby!
(The essential business plan)

Just Because You've Built it...
(Positioning, promotions, and the media release)

Letters and Memos and E-mail, Oh My!
(Tame all those fanged and ferocious writing projects)

Wouldn't You Like to be World Famous?
(How you can become remarkable)

Let us know if you'd like to take part in the next session.

We serve, support, and recommend these people and organizations

We're thrilled to serve, support, and recommend these organizations and individuals. Some are clients, some are partners, and some are service providers.  Many fulfill all roles. What do they have in common? They are all exceptionally professional and deliver their respective services or products with integrity.

About us

Kathleen Rake is a professional plain-language practitioner who believes that good writing is the cornerstone of effective communication, especially in this drive-through hyperlink age.


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